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Scott Ayres, Pharm. D.

Scott Ayres is an associate of PECA and has 2 years of clinical healthcare experience. He works as a clinical pharmacist for a major hospital in Southern California.

His pharmacy work experience include:

  • Conducting clinical and operational analysis of the Pharmacy Department for PECA clients as well as conducting drug utilization analyses along with the PACER program.
  • Working with physicians to provide optimal therapeutic patient care including management of total parenteral nutrition, pharmacokinetic monitoring of antibiotics and antithrombotics, and appropriate pain management.
  • Developing physician prescription protocols designed to minimize drug utilization of several high cost impact medications including, Rocephin, Propofol, Epogen, Lovenox, and Reopro
  • Attending Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee meetings
  • Developed automatic substitution protocols for quinolones, proton pump inhibitors, HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, ACE inhibitors, calcium channel antagonist, and angiotensin receptor antagonists
  • Develop institute-specific antimicrobial pathways designed to optimize sensitivity patterns of microbes observed within the institute
  • Implemented advancing clinical pharmacy services designed for improving patient outcomes and cost-savings including automatic IV to PO conversions, automatic adjustments for renal dosing, and automatic therapeutic interchanges
  • Developed software designed to record pharmacist interventions on a handheld device and report cost-savings with institute-specific interventions. Reports can be generated on demand demonstrating savings and productivity
  • Maintaining a national database of best-pricing for pharmaceuticals

Dr. Ayres was a UCSF Graduating Class Bowl of Hygeia Nominee, a California Pharmacists Association Student of the Year, and a UCSF Outstanding Student of the Year. He received the Robert C. Johnson Scholarship CPhA Award for Student Leadership and the National Community Pharmacists Student Achievement Award.

Dr. Ayres graduated Cum Laude from the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and received his Pharmacy Doctorate from the University of California, San Francisco.