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Pharmacy Services


    Our Pharmacy Services offer an array of programs to assist healthcare institutions to reduce costs, enhance resource utilization, and improve support and clinical services. Each engagement is carefully tailored to meet the needs of the client. Our efforts are focused to provide our clients the maximum benefit on every consulting engagement. 

    We have presented our Pharmacy Services in two categories. Management Services which provides client healthcare providers assistance in the organization and management of the pharmacy and Clinical Services, which provides our clients our expertise in the clinical quality assurance and appropriate utilization of drugs.

    PECA professionals are prepared to provide an in-depth analysis in the following areas of pharmacy management and drug utilization:

Operations Assessment Services

Are pharmacy services designed operating effectively? Our experts will conduct a functional analysis of pharmacy operations. By utilizing a functional approach (i.e. procurement, receiving, distribution, IV preparation, etc.), we can develop a systems perspective of current operations to identify strengths and weaknesses. We will draft recommendations to improve noted weaknesses, assist in prioritizing strategies for improvement and develop an implementation plan. All recommendations will include a cost/benefit analysis.

Supply Chain Re-engineering Services

Is your pharmacy supply chain maximizing value? Every time a drug is handled, cost is added.  Supply chain activities include a variety of inter-dependent processes.  The PECA team will critically assess current practices relative to the supply chain and develop detailed process maps and cycle times of all critical processes. Utilizing our experiences with hundreds of health care facilities, we will re-engineer these process maps to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the service level provision in the supply chain. We will develop flow diagrams of the supply chain processes to identify unnecessary and/or redundant activities. We will conduct par capacity analyses by patient care area to identify low utilization of current resources and will re-engineer the current processes to assure a proper balance is established between utilization of labor, inventory, and space resources. The outcome of these efforts will be reduced costs and enhanced service levels.

GPO Evaluation Services

Which group-purchasing alternative, if any, is the best for your organization? Our professional staff can help you evaluate and select the best group purchasing fit your organization. We will develop a market basket of your historical purchases, identify exact and comparable price matches from the evaluated purchasing programs, evaluate subjective criteria, and help you determine the “best fit” for your organization. All of our analyses will be supported by detailed cost/benefit projections. We have also assisted our clients in implementing and monitoring compliance with GPO contracts.

Procurement Services

Is your organization buying effectively? Regardless of the procurement method, PECA can assess current methods for efficiency and pricing competitiveness for drugs. Reviewing historical product utilization along with our extensive database of over 35,000 discrete drugs, we will compare current price schedules to those available from group procurement organizations and corporate agreement alternatives. We can also study the efficiency of the ordering process, as well as the reconciliation of the pricing and terms to the invoice, purchase order and published purchasing agreements. We can also review the purchasing practices to assure proper internal controls are established and maintained.

Inventory Management Services

Do you have the right amount of pharmacy inventory? Inventory represents a buffer between supply and demand.Accurate data can forecast the need and availability of products to shrink this buffer. We can identify appropriate inventory targets and work with your staff to achieve inventory reduction goals. Using statistical analysis, we will measure inventory throughput by therapeutic class and by location, develop strategies for reduction and establish monitoring systems to ensure inventory levels remain low. We can also serve as an agent to negotiate with vendors to return excess inventories for credit.

Manufacturer/Wholesaler Management Services

Are you maximizing value from your suppliers? Manufacturer/wholesaler value-added programs may provide significant benefit to an organization. PECA can assess the financial and operational feasibility of these programs for the institution through a structured process of determining scope, identifying current operations and costs, and developing financial models to assess feasibility.  We can also assist in negotiating and structuring the contract.

Resource Allocation Services

Are you staffed appropriately?  Using our database of hundreds of client healthcare facilities, we can analyze staffing levels in all areas of the Pharmacy. We can evaluate service provision, define work standards, and assist clients to develop and implement productivity systems and standards for materials management to assure prudent labor resource utilization.Most importantly, we can re-engineer the entire process cycle to assure maximum resource utilization while maintaining and/or enhancing service quality. We will determine the appropriate ratio of pharmacists to technicians and determine whether the Pharmacy is appropriately utilizing its technician resources.

Compliance Services

Are you in compliance with the variety of standards developed by accrediting and regulatory organizations? Standards developed by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations mandate that all position descriptions be criteria-based. In addition, OSHA, state and local agencies, and other organizations have developed regulatory guidelines with mandatory compliance requirements. PECA can assist in developing criteria-based position descriptions that provide prescriptive and proscriptive expectations. We can provide a review of Pharmacy to determine the degree of compliance in your current operations and documentation, thereby facilitating preparation for JCAHO and other accrediting and regulatory organizations.

Information Support

Are you getting the most from your information system? The purpose of any information system is to support timely decision making of operations. By reviewing operations and evaluating the current information system, we will assess the adequacy of your information support utilization and capability. We can also provide assistance with defining needs, evaluating, selecting, and implementing a new information system for the Pharmacy department.

Implementation Support

Do you have the resources to implement the initiatives that you plan? Our professionals can provide ongoing assistance to healthcare institutions to train and educate staff and/or provide implementation assistance on an interim or ongoing basis. Our expertise in change management can help healthcare institutions translate conceptual design to performance reality. PECA staff can also provide assistance to support the medical center's short term and/or long-term objectives for pharmacy management. Our staff will function as the manager and implement systems to produce immediate and ongoing bottom line savings.


Pharmacy Services


Product Line Services

Are you monitoring and managing drug cost by product line?  We can provide a full assessment of specific product lines to assist hospitals in managing the cost of drug intensive areas. Our typical project involves defining historical drug utilization by product line (e.g., ICD-9-CM, DRG, and CPT-4). Utilizing patient billing information from a sampling of drug intensive product lines, we will identify drug utilization by patient, physician, product line, and day of stay. Through review of this information we will identify variances in resource utilization and care management and identify the potential to develop protocols. Inherent in this process is the close working relationship with the medical staff to encourage change, identify opportunities, and establish standard protocols.

Pharmacokinetic Dosing Services

Are your pharmacokinetic dosing services effective. Using our extensive database, we will review your pharmacokinetic dosing services to assure the highest clinical outcomes at the lowest costs. We will review dosing protocols from aminoglycosides, vancomycin, heparin, theophylline, phenytoin, warfarin, and other critically monitored drugs to assure proper drug utilization and maximum clinical impact.

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Services

Are you maximizing the value of the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee? The ability to reduce drug costs is significantly impacted by the success of the clinical pharmacists and the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee to change physician behavior. We will evaluate the structure and process of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee to assure its effectiveness. We will review the role of the clinical pharmacists and assess their effectiveness in establishing positive interventions for appropriate drug utilization by monitoring the number of clinical interventions and outcomes.

Formulary Review Services

Are you effectively managing your formulary? A properly managed formulary can provide proscriptive and prescriptive parameters of accepted drugs for utilization. We will review the medical center’s formulary to determine its structure and number of line items managed.  We will determine how drugs are entered into and removed from the formulary and how well non-formulary requests are managed. We will also review how changes in the formulary are managed and communicated to the physicians and other patient care staff.

Therapeutic Protocol Services

Are you effectively Implementing therapeutic protocols? Healthcare organizations can substantially decrease costs and assure appropriate drug utilization through the development and management of therapeutic drug interventions. We will assist the Pharmacy in areas where there may be a problem with therapeutic intervention (e.g., first, second, and third generation cephalosporins). We will review the current drug protocols and assist in developing protocols for high cost products including IV to oral exchanges (i.e., Ciprofloxacin, Fluconazole, Ranitidine, Ampicillin Sublactum, Famotidine, Metronidazole, Bactrim/Septra, etc.), H2 antagonists, etc.

Therapeutic Interchange Services

Are you effectively Implementing therapeutic interchanges? Therapeutic interchange is the authorized exchange of therapeutic alternatives in accordance with previously established and approved written guidelines or protocols within a formulary system. The therapeutic interchange is an agreement between the Pharmacy and Medical Staff on a single therapeutic agent.PECA staff will review the drug classes and identify opportunities for therapeutic interchanges documenting the specific interchanges and the financial impact of this conversion.As with all of our clinical programs, a close working relationship and communication with the medical staff is mandatory for successful change management.