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Food and Nutrition Services


    Our Food and Nutrition Services offer an array of programs to assist healthcare institutions to reduce costs, increase revenues, enhance resource utilization, and improve services. Each engagement is carefully tailored to meet the needs of the specific healthcare institution. Our efforts are focused to provide our clients the maximum benefit on every consulting engagement. PECA professionals are prepared to provide an in-depth analysis in the following areas of food and nutrition services


Operations Assessment Services

Are Food and Nutrition Services designed and operating effectively?Our professionals will conduct an analysis of current Food and Nutrition Services operations including: food production, tray line, patient service, cafeteria, catering, vending and any ancillary services provided by the department. Through this analysis we evaluate current strengths and identify areas for improvement opportunities.  We will then develop recommendations as well as an implementation plan to achieve the identified opportunities.

Product Utilization Services

Are you using food products wisely? We have compiled a database of food service products and group purchasing pricing to compare current usage and your vendor pricing for potential cost reductions. We will identify existing practices and document interventions with resultant cost savings. We will also develop implementation strategies and identify potential barriers to the recommended changes. We are also available to assist in implementation as needed.

Contract Management Services

Are you getting Maximum value from your contract management company?  Our staff has extensive experience in developing contracts with food service companies. In addition, we can monitor contract compliance and assist clients in managing this relationship to maximize value and reduce costs. We can also assist clients in evaluating whether to use a contract food service company, define the scope of service, and evaluate suppliers. We can help healthcare providers strategize short-term and long-term plans upon contract termination.

Performance Standards

How does your Food and Nutrition Service measure up? Using food industry standard guidelines as well as PECA standards developed from over 200 healthcare providers, we can develop and compare your Food and Nutrition Services department performance to comparable facilities. We will develop performance standards for each operational area. We can also develop action plans to assure your Food and Nutrition Services department achieves the performance standards.

Facilities Design Services

Are you planning a renovation in Food and Nutrition Services? Our experts will assist you with equipment specifications and selections and review the design layouts. We will work with specified architects to assure operational efficiency and functional effectiveness. Our professionals can help redesign current flows to maximize the utility of the cafeteria and/or food production lines. We can evaluate a variety of food production systems and have experience with virtually all food service equipment manufacturers.

Procurement Services

Is your Food and Nutrition Services department buying effectively? Reviewing historical utilization of food and related supplies, along with PECA's extensive database of over 40,000 individual products, we will compare current price schedules to those available from GPO and corporate agreement alternatives. We can also study the efficiency of the ordering process, as well as the reconciliation of the pricing and terms to the invoice, purchase order and published purchasing agreements. We can also review the purchasing practices to assure proper internal controls are established and maintained.

GPO Evaluation Services

Which group-purchasing alternative, if any, is the best for your organization? Our professional staff can help you evaluate and select the best group purchasing fit for your organization. We will develop a market basket of your historical purchases, identify exact and comparable price matches from the evaluated purchasing programs, evaluate subjective criteria, and help you determine the “best fit” for your organization. All of our analyses will be supported by detailed cost/benefit projections. We have also assisted our clients in implementing and monitoring compliance with GPO contracts.

Supplier Partnerships Services

Are supplier value-added programs right for your organization? PECA can assess the financial and operational feasibility of the supplier partnership programs for Food and Nutrition Services. Through a structured process of determining scope, identifying current operations and costs and developing financial models to evaluate assumptions, we can assist to evaluate these programs and make informed decisions. Should the institution decide to proceed with an evolved partnership relationship, we can also assist in evaluating potential partners, developing and negotiating contracts and implementation.

Cafeteria Market Assessment Services

Are you getting the most out of your cafeteria? Cafeteria Service offers an exceptional opportunity to generate revenues and provide a favorable atmosphere and benefit for employees and visitors. We can assist you in identifying market potential and design programs to increase market share and profitability. We can also critically review operations to assure a profitable and/or break-even operation, avoiding IRS scrutiny of the taxable benefit accrued from subsidized operations.

Information Support Services

Are you getting the most from your information system? In today’s healthcare marketplace, information is power. The purpose of any information system is to support timely decision making of operations. By reviewing operations and evaluating the current information system, we will assess the adequacy of your information support utilization and capability. We can also provide assistance with defining needs, evaluating, selecting, and implementing a new information system for the Food and Nutrition Services department.

Resource Allocation Services

Are you staffed appropriately? Using our database of hundreds of client healthcare facilities, we can analyze staffing levels in all areas of Food and Nutrition Services. We can evaluate service provision, define work standards, and assist clients to develop and implement productivity systems and standards for Food and Nutrition Services to assure prudent labor resource utilization. Most importantly, we can re-engineer the entire food preparation and distribution cycle to assure maximum resource utilization while maintaining and/or enhancing service quality.

Strategic Planning services

Do you know where you want Food and Nutrition Services to go? PECA can assist in the development of a strategic plan for Food and Nutrition Services. This process converts concepts into a detailed plan to achieve enhancements in service levels, reduce costs, and increase net revenues.  By working closely with the Food and Nutrition Services staff, we will develop a logical sequence for reorganization and restructure of the Food and Nutrition Services department. The strategic plan will include a detailed plan of implementation as well as identification of resource requirements (e.g. space, information, staff, capital, etc.) and a cost benefit analysis

Compliance Services

Are you in compliance with the variety of standards developed by accrediting and regulatory organizations? Standards developed by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations mandate that all position descriptions be criteria-based. In addition, OSHA, state and local agencies, and other organizations have developed regulatory guidelines with mandatory compliance requirements.  PECA can assist in developing criteria-based position descriptions that provide prescriptive and proscriptive expectations. We can provide a review of your Food and Nutrition Services department to determine the degree of compliance in your current operations and documentation, thereby facilitating preparation for JCAHO and other accrediting and regulatory organizations.

Implementation Services

Do you have the resources to implement the initiatives that you plan?  Our professionals can provide ongoing assistance to healthcare institutions to train and educate staff and/or provide implementation assistance on an interim or ongoing basis. Our expertise in change management can help healthcare institutions translate conceptual design to performance reality.

Interim Management Services

Do you have a vacancy in Management?   We can provide management assistance to support client’s medical center's short term and/or long term objectives for Food and Nutrition Services. Our staff will function as the managers of key functions and implement systems to produce immediate and ongoing bottom line savings. Our on-site managers can provide transitional management (used to implement specific interventions), replacement management (used to bridge the gap between permanent managers) or management mentoring (combining Transitional and Replacement Management with active mentoring). Regardless of the management function, our managers will demonstrate team approach through open communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, and staff development.