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The Supply Cost Survey

The PECA Supply Cost Survey has been provided as a service to the industry since 1987.   To date, over 500 hospitals have participated in the survey.  The survey compares supply cost adjusted for outpatient volume and acuity (i.e., Medicare Case Mix Index) between hospitals of similar size and/or regional area.  If you would like to participate in the survey, please email us with your replies at or you may attach any text file with your answers as well.  You can expect a response within two to three weeks.  All data will be held in the strictest confidence.

To review the latest update of the PECA supply cost survey, please click here.

Our definition of supply costs is provided below:

Expenses to be included with Supply Costs:

Prosthesis Sutures and Surgical Needles
Surgical Packs and Sheets Surgical Supplies General
Anesthetic Materials Oxygen and Other Medical Gases
IV Solutions and Administration sets Pharmaceuticals
Radioactive Materials Radioactive Films
Other Medical Care Supplies Misc. Non Patient Supplies
Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions Blood and Blood Products
Intraocular Lenses Linen and Bedding
Foodstuffs (perishable/non-perishable Cleaning Supplies
Office and Administrative Supplies Employee Wearing Apparel
Instruments and Minor Equipment Chemicals
Maintenance (Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Paint Etc,) Printing and Duplication (Supplies Only)


Expenses to be excluded from Supply Costs:

Professional Fees: i.e. physician, consulting, legal, audit, etc. Purchased Services: i.e. medical, repairs and maintenance, x-ray tubes, collection agencies, refuse removal, gardening, etc.

Depreciation and Amortization Rental/Lease Costs
Utilities Taxes and Licenses
Telephone and Telegraph Dues and Subscriptions
Outside Training Sessions Travel
Recruiting Postage
Interest Bond Costs



Supply Cost Survey


Statistical Information:

Hospital Name:
City, State:               
Fiscal Year Ending:   
Total Patient Days:  
SNF Patient Days:    
Total Admissions:        
Total SNF1 Admissions:
Email or Mailing Address:

Financial Information:

Total Patient Revenues:
Total IP Revenues: 
Total SNF Revenues:   
Total Supply Expense:  
Medicare Case Mix Index:







Thank you for completing this Survey!

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