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      Betty Earley R.N., M.S.N.

Betty Earley, an associate of PECA has over 27 years experience in the healthcare field. Even though her main focus at PECA is to provide Nursing and Clinical expertise, she has extensive experience in managing both hospital patient care services at the Vice-President level and as a Senior Consultant specializing in productivity and process improvement programs.

Ms. Earley’s specific accomplishments include:

  • Providing current research to validate recommendations in clinical areas.
  • Conducting operational analyses in Anesthesia Services.
  • Developing and identifying cost reduction opportunities in surgical procedures such as cataracts.
  • Assisting in product review of all clinical areas for the PACER Program, including data collection, clinical manager interviews and recommendations.
  • Assisting in resolving specific problems as requested by clients, such as linen loss, scrub suits, over-utilization of products, etc.
  • Conducting operational analyses of Surgical Services with a focus on process improvement and cost reduction. One operational analysis, in a large surgical department involved how to increase surgical volume by twenty (20) percent without adding new OR space.
  • Participating as Operational Audit team member for analyses and sales, including presentations, proposal development and program implementation
  • Serving as Project Manager for single to multiple job sites, identifying client savings between $50,000 to $10,000,000. Client bed size has ranged from 25 beds to 800+, including small rural facilities to large urban medical centers.
  • Designing, developing and implementing organizational improvement programs in all clinical departments. Specialty areas include Nursing, Surgical Services, Anesthesia, and Emergency Services.
  • Performing detailed analyses of operational problems and issues in clinical departments with a focus on achievable and realistic solutions.
  • Facilitating re-engineering, benchmarking and work redesign at both management and staff levels.
  • Teaching productivity and financial concepts, such as FTEs, measurement tools, staffing issues and reporting systems, as a method to effectively achieve cost containment and manager compliance.
  • Operationally turning around three facilities that had significant quality and personnel issues in the clinical departments.
  • Successfully serving as Vice President of Patient Care Services at facilities in Alabama, Michigan and Florida.

Ms. Earley has also worked as Director of Information Systems with VHA of Alabama. While at VHA, she chaired statewide committees, developed a methodology for comparing cost variations in surgical procedures, and provided consulting services to member hospitals.

Her first consulting position was with Tribrook Group, Inc. in Oakbrook, Illinois where she conducted feasibility studies, long range program development and certificate-of-need services.

Ms. Earley holds a B.S.N. and MSN degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.